New York University College of Nursing (NYUCN) is a leading academic center for education, research, and training in nursing. NYUCN needed a new website to provide accurate, up-to-date information on programs, faculty, and activities at the College, as well as attract high-quality applicants and faculty from across the country. NYUCN hired Cabengo to design the new site. Cabengo worked closely with the project team to define goals and prioritize audiences. We interviewed stakeholders, reviewed competitor sites, and defined the strategy. We then gathered detailed requirements for content and functionality. We developed a new site structure for improved usability and ease of navigation. As part of content strategy, we conceived a “21st century nursing” feature for the homepage, to showcase facets of the College. We designed a crisp new logo and a fresh look for the public frontend, for improved usability, consistency, and overall impression.