Cabengo is an award-winning, New-York based creative consultancy. We help brands tell stories, informed by design thinking, data, technology, behavioral science and curiosity; and we teach storytelling to teams, building internal capacity through innovation workshops. For more than twenty years, we have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading institutions and thinkers, among them Harvard University, the Smithsonian Institution, University of Pennsylvania, Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor/ Georgetown University Law Center, Contemporary Jewish Museum, and the Center for Children and Technology. We’ve earned design awards from industry¬†leaders, including the Webby Awards, South by Southwest Interactive, Applied Arts Magazine, Museums and the Web, ID Magazine, and Business Week Magazine.

Our user-centered approach is collaborative and iterative. Driven to design experiences that are usable, useful and beautiful, we work closely with the client team through a series of phases in which we progressively define and develop a project. We begin by listening. We find out what’s working and what’s not. We identify business goals. We find out who the key audiences are and what they need. We validate assumptions by talking to actual users. We look at the competitive landscape for opportunities and inspiration. From this initial research we build a strategy that informs every facet of the project. Throughout, we remain flexible and opportunistic, guided by what we discover in and through our well-honed process.

Cabengo’s selective practice ensures exceptional work and a high level of client service; principals are always hands-on, and project teams carefully tailored to match client requirements. For larger projects, we draw from a specialized community of artists, architects, designers, illustrators, engineers, photographers, video editors, writers, animators, and musicians. Whether the team is composed of three or thirty, collaboration drives our process. This discipline of creative exchange creates a wildly generative and nurturing context for inventing new forms and producing meaningful and enduring work.

Whether designing a workshop, a strategic plan, a research survey, an interface, an environmental graphic or an immersive website, we are meticulous about our craft and always go the extra mile for excellence.