Fundación Cisneros and Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (CPPC) contracted Cabengo, in collaboration with Strength in Numbers Consulting Group, to conduct a formative evaluation of one of its international education programs, Piensa en arte.

Many Latin American education systems, like many others around the world, rely on ‘banking’ models of education, in which a teacher deposits information in a student. Many of these systems are challenged by lack of teacher training resources and impoverished classroom environments, and many teachers work in areas that are violent or under-resourced. As well, many students struggle to have basic needs met. Piensa en arte operates in this context and in some areas, exists to meet these challenges.

We reviewed program documents and then interviewed more than a dozen informants  in order to understand the philosophical and actionable plans behind Piensa en arte; program design, implementation, and evaluation; and the larger philanthropic context.