Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community (AWP) is a lean organization with an ambitious agenda: to create gender equity in Jewish communal organizations. Its raison d’être is to catalyze change – to set into play institutional practices and policies at the organizational level that, over time, will positively and profoundly impact the Jewish community at large. Its strategy is to do more with less – to leverage its resources and influence in the service of systemic change. AWP’s website needed to reflect not only its mission and values but also its “less is more” approach.

To meet this objective, we developed a narrowly focused, content-rich online resource for individuals and organizations who care about gender equity issues in Jewish communal organizations. The look and feel is clean, sophisticated and upbeat. Information architecture, interaction design, and illustration work together to position advancement for women as an empowering, challenging journey. The website provides resources to professionals and volunteers in the Jewish community for use in creating change; positions gender equity issues in the broader context of organizational and cultural change; and fortifies the image of AWP as a serious, passionate and credible player, with a clear purpose, strategic focus and practical approach.