Venture Global LNG is a long-term, low-cost producer of North American liquefied natural gas (LNG). As a new entrant in an established energy market, VG LNG understood the critical importance of branding as a competitive advantage. Founders Mike Sabel and Bob Pender enlisted Cabengo early on, in the start-up phase, to help build the brand. Since 2012, we have been helping VG evolve its brand, keeping pace with rapidly changing needs and requirements.

We developed a sophisticated brand identity for the parent company and sub-identities for subsidiaries and projects and then applied it to marketing collateral. We created multiple versions of the website, at different phases of growth. The most recent is a confident digital presence that positions VG as a well-managed and well-capitalized company with the depth, resources and capabilities required to execute complex, high-cost projects. We also produced a series of content graphics for use online and in print, including a 3D illustration of the site plan. We continue to support the brand, as needs evolve.